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What is HHO

HHO stands for 2-parts Hydrogen & 1-part Oxygen. When 2 Hydrogen atoms are bound to 1 Oxygen atom, you have water, but when you separate the atoms from each other, you have Hydrogen & Oxygen mixed gas. The correct term for this gas is Oxyhydrogen.

Why do you need carbon clean service?

Unlikely human Heart Engine is Heart part of Vehicle we really don't know what are really happening in it and what effects it ,One of major Substance is Carbon which deposits in Engine due to prolong use ,As dismantling and cleaning procedure is time consuming and expensive . Many engine and performance issues can be traced back to carbon deposits. A dirty engine as a result of carbon deposits on key components and parts, most often the cause of reduced performance, excessive emissions, increased fuel consumption or damage to expensive parts. Hence We require the frequently cleaning of machine for Better Engine life and to perform it with effectively

HHO brief?

HHO technology changes this. In our carbon clean systems an electric current is used to split water by electrolysis, into its components; pure hydrogen and oxygen gases. This gas mixture is now commonly referred to as HHO. With the engine idling, HHO is simply fed into the combustion chamber via the air intake where it burns, along with the fuel, to reform water vapour. The combination of hydrogen and oxygen enrichment create conditions for carbon to be gently burned off from piston crowns, valves and other components to form carbon dioxide and water vapour. In addition, the water vapour that is formed cannot condense due to the high temperature so It effectively steam cleans the combustion chamber and associated components from the inside without any dismantling The carbon deposits are progressively removed and pass out through the exhaust pipe. For a car engine the process is complete in just 30-60 minutes. It will not cause any damage and avoid the shortage of traditional chemical decarburizers. It is a qualitative leap in the field of automobile maintenance.